Business Growth

Transforming your cash and profits.

Our work starts where most accountants think they have finished…

Most accountants will help you to save tax and keep you compliant. We believe the greatest value a real accountant can provide is to use his or her expertise to really help you grow your business and your cash. We therefore annually win awards for taking businesses from very low profitability or below average profitability to outstanding levels of profit. Additionally during times of rising labour and energy costs and inflation its essential that your cash flow and profitability are looked at immediately.

How we carry out our work

All of the world’s greatest businesses have monthly or quarterly board meetings. We run structured quarterly meetings for you, looking at the key performance indicators for your business and help you step by step for profit, cash and time with your family.

Growth results

Business size
Average profit before our work Average profit after two years of our work
1 to 4 £83,000 £155,000
5 to 10 £193,000 £472,000
11 to 50 £274,000 £1,108,000

Based on the average improvement to the results of all businesses that have been through this process with Calcutt Matthews in the last five years.

Ashford Business School

Ashford Business School was established in 2012 to structure the training that we give to SME business owners, which helps them succeed in genuinely growing their business. Where possible the school is supported by grants from government.

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