Cloud Accounting

We can help and guide you every step of the way.

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What is Cloud Accounting?

Accounting software has traditionally been tedious, draining far too much time and money from your business. Cloud accounting software has revolutionised the industry, giving you instant access to your data from any location or device that you choose to use. The information is always up to date, secure, with no need for back-ups. Best of all, it means both the business owner and the accountant are working from the same, real-time information.

In 2014 we set up a bookkeeping department to assist small clients and SMEs to take over the bookkeeping function. The principal advantage is that we use cloud-based technology to provide up-to-date results, which can be viewed by you as a business owner and our Business Growth team, allowing us to react quickly to upswings and downswings in your cash and profitability.

Why Xero?

Calcutt Matthews loves Xero!

Here are some of our favourite features of this software…

  • Automated Bank Feeds
    You can apply to have all your bank transactions automatically downloaded, the day after they happen, into your Xero software. This means you don’t have to send your statements by post or fax, they’re immediately there to see and use.
  • Easy Bank Reconciliation
    Xero automatically matches transactions together based on amount, date and reference, which are then reconciled in one click! You can also set the software to recognise repeating transactions, it’s never been easier.
  • Smarter & Simpler Software
    With Xero, you never have to worry about updates, these are free and operate automatically for you. Yearly back-ups are also a thing of the past, information is instantly and automatically backed-up. Your data is secure and always ready to access.

Calcutt Matthews – Xero Gold Champion Partners

We love Xero so much that we were recently recognised as Gold Champions. This means that Xero recognise our commitment to expertise, that we are dedicated to having as many Certified Advisors as possible - we currently have five members of staff who are certified, with the number constantly increasing. We are also committed to staying at the forefront of all Xero developments, so that we can pass all the latest information on to our clients.

We also use and integrate other cloud accounting software, such as Sage and QuickBooks. You can be sure that whatever your needs are, we can help and guide you every step of the way on your cloud accounting journey.