Making Tax Digital

From April 2019 there are large penalties for failing to return your VAT under making tax digital rules.

Getting ready

Making Tax Digital is a Government initiative which will have benefits in the long run for taxpayers but will also grant the VAT office an opportunity to access your underlying records more easily.

We have been at the forefront of making sure that our clients are prepared for this change for the last few years. For companies who feel that they require further advice on Making Tax Digital we can carry out a small consultancy assignment to help establish whether your systems already.

The consultancy assignment for Making Tax Digital-VAT

For a fee of £400 for most SME clients our VAT experts can visit you to establish whether you are likely to be compliant from April 2019 and also to advise on any adjustments to your systems.

Assisting with VAT returns for Making Tax Digital clients from April 2019

We are happy from April 2019 to assist with preparation of your returns and also to advise on any adjustments to your systems.

Speak to our VAT department and we will immediately implement any adjustments to the way that you compile and submit VAT returns to make you compliant or alternatively we can make arrangements to take over your VAT submissions and ensure you are compliant.

Contact Emma Waters or Mike James