Research and Development

Are you eligible?

Does your company spend money developing new products, processes or services, or improving existing Technology? 

If you’re spending money on your innovation, you can either make an R&D tax claim to reduce your corporation tax bill or alternatively receive a tax rebate.

You typically can go back for the last two completed accounting periods to identify unclaimed monies.

How much can you claim?

Currently the rules are very advantageous and allow you to uplift your expenditure by 230%.

How Calcutt Matthews can help

Are you unsure whether or not you have a claim?

We are happy to meet with you to discuss whether you have an R&D tax claim opportunity.

For further information, talk to our experts to help decide whether you have a new source of claim or whether we can reduce the fees that you pay for calculating an existing claim.

Contact Nick Hume or Darren Mason to consider this further.

Nick Hume
Partner in charge

Tel: 01233 623300

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Darren Mason
Head of Accounting

Tel: 01233 623300