Research and Development

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Helping you to make a successful claim where you have valid R&D

The UK has a generous tax incentive for valid businesses to flourish their R&D activity through either receipt of a refund when the business is in a loss-making situation or to significantly reduce tax liabilities with the R&D tax credit.

We are very aware that there are lots of tax boutiques, who are headhunting claims. Our department uses one of the U.K.'s leading experts in this field to critique your project and establish whether a valid claim exist before we proceed. 

For a small fee of £600 plus VAT this therefore allows you to avoid heartache and wasted time and penalties from HMRC for making an invalid claim.

Once we have been given the green light by our national expert, then we will proceed with validly submitting your claim


The autumn statement in November 2022 changed the emphasis on this tax credit regime and we will happily help classify your claim correctly.

Nick Hume
Partner in charge

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Darren Mason
Head of Accounting

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