Tax Planning

Carrying out legitimate HMRC approved an often pre-transaction cleared tax advice in the UK. Coordinating international tax advice.

We are accountants in Ashford that provide legitimate, well researched tax planning that is highly effective and significantly reduces tax bills whilst being acceptable to HMRC, allowing you to sleep well in your bed at night and not have to worry about any comeback.

We have discounted arrangements with BDO Baker Street- part of one of the world’s largest tax firms to review and assist with the delivery of tax planning. This is not available to comparable firms of accountants such as ourselves. This allows us to provide tax planning that is not readily available elsewhere and ensures your tax planning is watertight.

Pre-year-end tax planning

We can save five times more tax when we hold a pre-year-end tax planning meeting with you by carrying out a tax reduction review at the time we prepare your year-end accounts.

If your current accountant is not having this meeting and reluctant to do so please get in touch.

Extraction of profits

The decision as to how to extract profits in the most tax efficient manner requires a proper formal review each year.

Retirement and selling your business

The sums of tax involved in this process can be very large and therefore we always seek HMRC Clearance to confirm that they are happy with the tax plan that we have arrived at and ensure there will be no comeback.


The use of family trusts evolves each year but remains an important means of preserving wealth for you and your family.

International tax and post-Brexit planning

A significant number of our clients are involved internationally and we have a strong team working with accountants around the world to ensure that Cross-border tax arrangements are legitimate and properly determined.